Sijin has spent over 10 years in calligraphy. Calligraphy helps Sijin to reduce stress and control anxiety. Whenever there is something makes she feel stressful or anxious, she would start her writing to calm herself down. The world becomes quiet and peaceful without any distractions during Sijin’s calligraphy time, which also helps her to concentrate on her school work. Sijin strongly agrees with the old Chinese saying “ziruqiren,” meaning how a person writes represents his nature. She shared her own experience of she became more confident while her characters became wider. One of her friends, who is an artist, also proves the saying. The artist’s writing has no restrictions or limitation, just like her creative mind and innovative thoughts. Sijin loves the rhythms created by calligraphy, enjoying changing the pressure and speed to control each stroke. She believes the rhythms convey the energy and emotion of each character. Writing Chinese calligraphy needs patience and passion to be preserving for practicing, and Sijin will continue her passion for her whole life.

Chinese character “fu” written by Sijin, conveying the blessing for good luck. People commonly hangs the word on their door during Spring Festival.

Chinese saying “tiandaochouqin” written by Sijin, meaning God will help the diligent when the time comes.

Chinese painting of lotus drawn by Sijin. The flower symbolizes purity and rebirth.